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January 2, 2018 - G.R. Smith Motorsports Prepares for 2019 WoO Rookie of the Year Run
1G.R. Smith Motorsports-Team22INC are looking forward to adding the final pieces for an ambitious 2019 race season. G.R. Smith Motorsports is a professional race team that competes primarily in the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series with select races competing in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. G.R. Smith Motorsports & Team 22INC performance are also highlighted by a 2017 season which included notable wins in the World 100 & Hillbilly 100 with then driver Jonathan Davenport.

The team is looking to achieve new heights and goals with an aggressive 2019 schedule with current driver G.R. Smith. The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series Rookie of the Year campaign starts with the Georgia/Florida Speedweeks at Screven Motor Speedway. From there the festivities will wrap up the February race slate with a week-long competition at the annual Dirt Car Nationals at the famous Volusia Speedway Park that runs in conjunction with NASCAR’s Great American Race the Daytona 500. Many key players, companies, and fans alike travel to the Sunshine State to attend this marquee event to kick off the season each year.

The 2019 season will mark the first time that driver G.R. Smith will chase a national touring series championship with the Rookie of the Year status next to his name. So what does G.R. Smith think about his team?

”I had a great experience with our team in 2017. It was kind of the perfect storm there with Jonathan Davenport, Bryan Liverman, Kevin Rumley and the guys. We still are all buddies and achieved lifetime goals in a short period of time. Assembling that team and giving a driver like Jonathan the resources to achieve our goals was a big deal for me, and I will always be grateful for what we all achieved together. We had a lot of fun and all got along and it propelled G.R. Smith Motorsports and our entire race team to new heights.

“Myself as a driver and our race team’s resources are better for it. I think however people forget that I raced,” G.R. says with a laugh. “As a driver I’m proud of my career with over 150 plus wins in top series, whether it be in Big Block Northeast Modified to 358 Small Block Modified, Super Late Models to Crate Late Models. As a driver I have won races and championships at every level. We have won in a Super Late Model in every state from Delaware to Florida. Most recently we picked up a $5,000 win with the Southern Allstars at Florida’s Southern Raceway. That was my first race back after sitting out nine months while racing with JD. I guess as a driver I’m a little bit of an afterthought or underdog so to speak, but that’s ok I have a lot of fire inside me and a lot more to prove!

“We have won a lot of regional races set fast times and led national races with the World of Outlaws and Lucas Oil Series in limited starts each year. While we enjoyed success we never could secure funding to race on a national level. I have personally raced 65 times over the last four years total. We have set fast times and won or competed for wins. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to race, but I had to cut back to focus on work, so I could race and give us the best chance to win each night we entered . That’s was probably the hardest thing about my racing is I never knew when my next race was going to be. I said this year I’m going all in with what I have and maybe we can attract a few people that want to be apart and join us to come make it happen together. One thing I’ve learned is you have to make your own breaks your not going to get any sitting at home.”

While the team has some great products sponsors already, they are currently seeking additional primary and associate sponsors as they embark on a grueling national tour.

“The one down fall to our success is that we earned a national perception that we are a big team with an unlimited budget, and that is far from the case. We work very hard and make the most with what we have and are seeking additional sponsorship to help us keep the team on a national level. This team is a family-built operation that relies on fan support from apparel sales and small business sponsors . We never left behind or forgot the people who help us each year or every race because without them none of this racing would be possible. I hope we can add a few sponsors to the table going into 2019 season.” This team is self-funded and the fans play a big part of what we can do and the races we run . We have added Team 22 Performance ( this year. It’s a speed-shop where we sell anything that the racer may need from helmets and safety equipment to parts to fuel, to complete Rocket Xr1 Race Cars with our Team 22 personal touches. Anything that it really takes to compete and race we offer.

“We are here to help anyone looking to become a part of Team 22 as a client we are here for you! Small businesses or fans that want to support the team can also be a part of our family atmosphere. Each and every one of you plays a part and helps us in our eyes. You are all a part of what we are able to accomplish at G.R. Smith Motorsports and I’m forever grateful for that!”

There are marketing opportunities available with G.R. Smith Motorsports for anyone interested. We can meet any budget or advertising goals.

Individuals or companies, who may be interested in becoming a marketing partner with the team can reach GR Smith.

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